Benson Ave, Toorak – when only the best will do reports Prue Miller


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I made a big call this week on my regular real estate wrap up online for News Corp; and it was that 6 Benson Ave, Toorak  is the best house on the market in Australia this week – and I dare say for a lot longer than that.


There is room (and a room) for every conceivable folly – from the cigar room to the pool room – and the cellar? Good lord.

But where some designers go off script and drift from divine to dreadful, this opulent property says ‘bling’, without passing that tipping point in bawdy.


The glass floors are breathtaking – and seeing it repeated on the walls in some of the bathrooms is a delight. Fireplaces, chandeliers, mammoth (though not gaping) voids that make your heart stop. The mosaics are a surprise and a delight, as is the automated tallboy in the dressing room.



But is it more amazing than the in-pool cinema? I don’t know. My senses had it overload by the time I came across it.


I talked with Anton Wongtrakun, the agent at Dingle Partners in Melbourne and he too was found wanting for adjectives tat captured the essence.  A two to three year build, Gaggenau 400 appliances, Bohemian crystal chandeliers… you have to see this one to believe.


Check out my spot online, and if you have the dough – go buy this one. You’ll never see another like it.

Prue Miller is a journalist with News Corp, based in Sydney

9 Kara Crescent Bayview offers equal portions of luxury and great design says Prue Miller

kara 3

Space, function style and luxury are here in equal portions.

Prue Miller

II had the good fortune to inspect 9 Kara Crescent – cleverly named Ninekara – this week.

I had the good fortune to inspect 9 Kara Crescent – cleverly named Ninekara – this week.

Kara 1

This is a house and a half – and then some. The street presence is big, and I mean that literally. Wide, uncluttered, strong. Plus it’s five bedrooms and more.

kara 2

And once inside the oversized front door the home just blossoms in all directions.

(It’s five bedrooms and more.)

The living area wraps around to the sleek and rather Wow kitchen that opens entirely to the party deck. And all of that has a panorama of gentle hills, trees and wide open sky.

kara 5

(The other side has tree filtered view to the water and distant marina. Just right.)

Below the living area deck is the blue relief of the pool terrace – which has a chill zone that should be seen to be believed – pool, cinema, gym – bar 🙂 – very, very cool.

kara 4

Did I mention the tennis court at the end of the lawn?

Ninekara has that ‘no expense spared’ attitude that will surely see the lucky buyer smiling from ear to ear as they sign the not inconsiderable cheque.

Bayview Beach Real estate has this great listing at $3.8m plus.

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37 Elizabeth St, Brighton Vic. makes geometry fun writes Prue Miller

37 Elizabeth front

You gotta love Melbourne style – the space, the conviction of design  and the absolute certainty that the interior will look good, perhaps even better, on gloomy days.

37 Elizabeth living

37 Elizabeth St, Brighton, VIC is one such home. The balance of the ‘boxes’ , with their viewing screens observing the pristine tennis court and pool – well, it’s playful. This house doesn’t take itself seriously, which adds to the welcoming upbeat style.

37 Elizabeth office

And it’s that combo of playful and precision geometry that I find really exciting – oh yeah, and the interiors are similarly upbeat. Very calm, relaxed, stylish.

37 Elizabeth bedroom

The home is with the good folk at  Marshall White in Brighton.

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3 Myamyn & 365 Brisbane Corso are Hot Homes – and Mel’s selling too reports Prue Miller

3 mymymn entrabce

So many fab properties are on the market thanks to a humungous dose of spring fever – here are a couple to think about.

If you want to see more, I’ve put links to my video programs at the end of the post. Considerate, huh?

3 mymain

3 Myamyn was a run down two bedder that was fatefully found and beautifully re-visioned by architect owners.

Victorian front – with a hint of whats to come thanks tot he entrance to underground parking to the left. The rear is sharply contemporary, loaded with features but starring the revolving fireplace.

Love it.

365 Brisbane Corso 2

365 Brisbane Corso is a former HIA House of the Year, and packs a punch with multi level glass, and water features that come into the house, are looked over from the house, or can be admired from any room.

365 Brisbane Corso 1

There’s something boldly Brisbane about the design – sort of in your face confidence that when combined with the water styling is pretty impressive.

Hot Homes bumper edition video:

Celebrity homes:

Mel Gibson’s Cost Rican empire – through Christie’s International

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26 Delecta is delicious writes Prue Miller

Delecta 1

House hunters are always under pressure to describe what they want – do you want contemporary or period? Do you want Hamptons or modernist? And often the harried hunter will say, ‘I don’t care as long as it has character.’

For those folks, Delecta Avenue is the holy grail of beachside finds.It is contemporary, yet it has the warmth of period. It is beachside, yet it embraces chic.
And the layout is refreshingly original while paying homage to the extraordinary on-the-sand ­location, framed as it is by majestic norfolk pines.

Delecta 2
For a start, you have to understand Delecta Ave – it’s the laid-back beachside track that only ­locals and beach goers know.
No footpaths, almost single lane, there’s the carpark lined with dinghys and through the week the only sound is the wave motion and the occasional clink of of a yacht
So with that in mind, the beachside aesthetic of 26 Delecta makes sense. The blue weatherboard buildings (the front one is the ­garage) set the mood for chilled out living.
Inside, and unpredictable, which many will find an asset.
The entry hall, illuminated by the brilliance of the beach at the rear of the house, and framed by ornate architraves, progresses ­between the first two bedrooms, the laundry and family bathroom, the third bedroom and kitchen and then resolves into the open living area that view.

Delecta 3

Complimenting the timber ­architraves is the house wide use of white-panelled dado, topped with timber accentuating the period beach-house theme.
But the angled (and high) ceilings bring the property into contemporary terms, contrasted with the laid-back decking that wraps around corners
There’s a deck that drops to level lawn, a picket fence and the beach.
Seriously, does seaside living get better than this?

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Prue Miller is a journalist with News Corp, and this article originally appeared in the Manly Daily

Glen Osmond SA offers some very Hot Homes says real estate witer Prue Miller

SA 1

11 Chapman Crescent – jaw dropper

Glen Osmond sits neatly in the early folds of the gentle Adelaide Hills – although an early settlement in the state it would be fair to say it is a shy star in the real estate galaxy of Australia.

However, I think it has more than its fair share of great properties – and even more importantly (to me anyway) an over the odds number of fab contemporary designs.

SA 3

I recently wrote about 11 Chapman Crescent (listed with Ouwens Casserly)  an absolutely STUNNING concrete and glass affair that just makes we off the click brigade click on and on and on to check out the intriguing concepts.

The covered deck with a fireplace? just inspiring.

I see it has a contract on it – I just wish it my name on the dotted line.


Another ripper, with a price tag of under $900,000 is 73 Sunnyside (listed with Brennan Rosser) – it is so clean, so curved, so energy-positive. The owner told News Corp that she wanted a home that would feature her love of cars – with a drive in home. Done.

SA 5

Love it and more to the point I find this petite but perfect design another inspiration.

SA 6

Keep at it Adelaide!

Although I note my old childhood home at 187 Barton Terrace, North Adelaide is still looking for love. Gosh I loved that house – though back then (before the earth cooled!) it did not look as flash as it does now.

SA 12

Though I think it DID look better with wisteria around the veranda.

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Hot Homes: 38 Duncraig Road – The wonderful WA house Heath didn’t get to see reports Prue Miller

new 2  TrA5Es0srLng_9YahTVZVBkMWI

HAD the great good fortune to speak with the delightful Kim Ledger this week, about the home he built with his very clever wife Ines.

new 3

38 Duncraig is a superb 6 bedroom property with some extraordinary features I’ve not seen in homes before. The standout feature (for me) is the split kitchen, divided by sliding glass partitioning. Brilliant.

Proportion, styling, lighting – not a beat has been missed here.

Had Kim’s son Heath not passed away so tragically, it would have been a brilliant get away pad.


This is listed with Vitale Fine Properties in Perth – with the charming and always helpful Alastair. wMoYGS35ZP9xk-ENm2Y3nrOdNzOTzQPyMhavjSmH1xo

To see more pictures see my piece on the property at

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Prue Miller is a journalist with NewsCorp and

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Is John Lautner getting even better with age? Mine, not his, asks Prue Miller

LautnerThey don’t call them starchitects for nothing – although I suspect were he still on this mortal coil John Lautner, genius architect, would cringe at the tag.

Another of his bold, sweeping, powerful statements  is on the market in LA at the moment. On the perfect hilly outcrop The Silvertop house has familiar arcs that excite those of us who would sell a limb to be able to live inside, beside or even opposite one of his homes.

Amazingly (considering the crazy property prices in Sydney) this is only looking for about $8m. It’s three beds, so it doesn’t fall into that American Mausoleum Mansion style that attracts new money. This is a home.

Heartbreakingly brilliant.

Silvertop 2 Silvertop Continue reading