About Prue Miller

Prue Miller has been working in the media for more than twenty years. 

Yep, she’s that old – hard to tell, right?

A specialist in the field of real estate, property and architecture she has was a host on Sky News Real Estate, and continues her work as a real estate columnist for News Corp and Architecture and Design Magazine amongst others. 

Prue is a freelancer, and is happy to talk about potential projects with anyone who has a great idea.

She will actually use the word “I” in that conversation.

She may or may not include her wonder dog in any meetings.

She also thinks Deadpool 2 is the greatest movie ever made.

So, there you go.

For contact details head to http://www.pruemiller.com, or email at prue@pruemiller.com

3 thoughts on “About Prue Miller”

  1. HI Prue…..this is a long overdue note to you – I am sorry I have not done this earlier. I would like to say a heart felt thank-you for taking the time to come and visit me (and Ben) at our home. It was a pleasure to have you here and it was very enjoyable chatting with you. As you would very well know selling a house is a hmmmm whats the word……a challenging task and when such a kind a mindful article is written about your home and family it makes it a lot less daunting. Thank-you for your beautifully written words – i am very grateful. I tried to find your email and hope putting this here on your blog is ok. I really hope to bump into you again one day and hear what your up to. Many Thanks, Row McGilvray – Bilgola Beach

    • Congratulations on the sale! I can hardly wait to see where you will turn your talents to next. Thanks so much for the lovely note – lets have a coffee at the next place! Thanks Row.

  2. David Lafferty said:

    Hi Prue, David Lafferty here. We just spoke re Bellbird Homestead. I look forward to catching up again soon. I have called the sellers and am waiting on them getting back to me.

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