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Call them dams if it helps, but what we’re missing from the laid-back, luxury property market down under is that chilled out, ever so still, LAKE.

Because what follows is the lake house. The Golden Pond potential (and if you haven’t even taken the time to see this movie, then frankly you don’t DESERVE a lake house) of a Scrabble led family retreat, and rediscovery. (As an aside, I have to say I think Jane Fonda is even better in Grace and Frankie than she was in Golden Pond. But I digress…)

Ocean view homes, the ones right on the water – are also majestic – but there’s so much going on. And worse still, people in all their Lycra loudness surge like a coconut scented tide for at least half the year. No, give me serenity with a glass-like finish and the security of a tree lined fiefdom.

Sothebys have a beautiful one for sale in Nashville at the moment.

A Main House, and a Guest House (it’s my blog so I can use upper case at random), plus the de rigueur¬†Boat House can be found on the aptly named Kentucky Lane – overlooking Kentucky Lake. God, I’d buy it just for the address.

The house is aimed squarely at the lake; the great room a centre piece with what could only be called a glass altar, where the lake is praised, and cocktails (one hopes) partaken.

Four beds, four baths and lots of lovely land for the very reasonable price of $USD2.35m.

Yep, let’s get some of them thar lakes for down under. I need a Golden Pond moment or two.


The Lipman Group¬†Sotheby’s International Realty