If you’ve got a hankering to (and the funds to)  bunker down in perhaps the prettiest part of upper crust America ignore Beverley Hills. Well, a bit strong there, ignore MOST of Beverley Hills and go take a peek at Suffolk County. In particular Southampton where this gem from Sotheby’s Southampton awaits you.

south big room7 Old Towne Lane was only built in 2016, but has created its own style. With a delicate Hamptons accent this home is at once bright, yet grand. I say that to differentiate that grand and flashy are two different things. There is a presence here that I just love.

I also would love to have a drink fridge that looks like this.

I would also love to be a size 8.

Neither of these things is going to happen.

South frontIt is close to other elegant hideaways such as Sag Harbour and Sagaponack (such dreadful names for such gracious places), and hangs on to its antecedents and ties to the old country country via The  Historical website.

But let’s just look at the pictures – and dream of a great weekend here – Katherine Hepburn might drop by, or Cary Grant … and absolutely no one from the Trump administration.

17,000 square feet, 4 acres ( gotta love imperial measures) and a ton of yum, all yours for $USD29.9m