37 Elizabeth front

You gotta love Melbourne style – the space, the conviction of design  and the absolute certainty that the interior will look good, perhaps even better, on gloomy days.

37 Elizabeth living

37 Elizabeth St, Brighton, VIC is one such home. The balance of the ‘boxes’ , with their viewing screens observing the pristine tennis court and pool – well, it’s playful. This house doesn’t take itself seriously, which adds to the welcoming upbeat style.

37 Elizabeth office

And it’s that combo of playful and precision geometry that I find really exciting – oh yeah, and the interiors are similarly upbeat. Very calm, relaxed, stylish.

37 Elizabeth bedroom

The home is with the good folk at  Marshall White in Brighton.

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Prue Miller is a luxury property journalist with News Corp and can be seen on line each week in her Hot Homes segment, and read in The Sunday Telegraph