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Is there a better way to experience the world of design? A fountain head from Paris, a chandelier from Spain, a circular staircase that’s origins stretch back so far, we just know it came across the seas before careful records were kept. And all housed in in one of Australia’s most valued suburbs.

Well-travelled owners owners  have done more than curate and display here, they have re-visioned the entire property, and enhanced it into a bespoke experience.


The front door opens to a soaring foyer, and a swirling, almost sensuous staircase, bordered custom made wrought iron balustrade all of which set the scene for drama set across three floors which are a mix of creamy travertine and contrasting clouds of pristine carpet.

The clever couple extended, and to be honest draped this home in so much care, expense and attention that each room is a study in elegance, style and grace and is reminiscent of luxury one only finds in the best hotels. In fact there is a distinct spa feel to the book-matched marble bathroom in the main suite. Who would have thought in-shower lighting could be so divine?


Here is a tale with the romance of a Hollywood hideaway, with the impact you feel when you first see a masterpiece in person – whether it’s a Norman Rockwell or a Zhang Xiaogang. Both of which, by the way, would be totally at ease in this elegant re-vision of a 1930s Mosman mansion.

The kitchen, with its walk-in crockery pantry, has a flawless Statuario marble island, and a very private, ceiling-high aspect out to the tiered orchid and gardenia beds created by the owner. I don’t think I have ever seen an orchid terrace – which now that I HAVE seen one, seems crazy. They offer a superb outlook.


But I must say, the lounge room, nicknamed the Langham Lounge after the famed London Hotel, is a perfectly proportioned room, currently decorated with Roslyn’s perfect touch in deep floral tones, set off with equally rich Macassar cabinetry.

Though rarely mentioned, I just have to mention the window treatments. If you love drapery, or if you have never seen how superb drapes can be, the good news is these silken window ball gowns are included in the sale. Trust me, they are sublime.


And finally, the terraces; the stunning, travertine terraces that link and meander and bring you that much closer to the soaring heights of Sydney’s elite landscape.

The lovely Gayle Walker of Sotheby’s has this listing.

There is simply not the space to describe further, but be assured, if you are searching for a home that has been created by people who have never settled for second best in anything, and have exquisite taste, get a contract couriered over. Now.

(Prue Miller is a freelance property warrior , and former co-host of Sky News Real Estate http://www.pruemiller.com)