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For those is the snow know, The Remarkables is a breathtaking mountain range and well respected (and very possibly feared by dreadful skiers like me) ski field in New Zealand – not Europe. Europe dreams of having The Remarkables. The Swiss lie awake at night, with silent tears pooling on their kissenbezugs* cos they don’t have The Remarkables. Yep, it’s that amazing.


So where better to build a lake house than right here, at Jack’s Point?  Where from glass enclosed bedrooms you can become one with the oh-my-god-it’s-unbelievable views, while snuggled under a doona.


Mind you, there are SO many fireplaces in this place, you wouldn’t even need to unpack your ski socks. Cosy baby.

It’s (rather unimaginatively you’d have to say) called  the  Lake House. It’s only a drive from posh and pricey Queenstown, but you could be anywhere as you gaze across  That Lake. This can be achieved from a number of outside spaces (I love that NZ isn’t afraid to go outside even though it can get so bleeding cold the hairs on the inside of your nose get frosty) in lounge chairs, or neck deep in the steaming spa.


6The agent stats include the fact it is a big two acres plus land parcel, and is part of a golf course? I don’t get that part. You’ll have to sort that out with Terry. So it’s kind of like a luxury resort, with a warm clubhouse and cold beers just a op skip and a jump away. Nice.

It’s only ten k’s to the airport and one imagines the holiday rental potential is mind blowing.

At just $NZ5.95m  ($AUD5.42m, $USD4.3 or so), it’s a steal  … with a one in a gazillon view.

And finally, why are they called The Remarkables? Named by Alexander Garvie in the mid 1800s for the fact that they are one of only two magnificent mountain ranges that run North South. Or maybe that’s a myth. Ok, well, you’re not reading this for a school assignment, so just enjoy the story and forget the facts.

*You had to look right? That’s Swiss German for pillowcase


Prue Miller is real estate journalist for TV, print and oh yeah, for fun.