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Although many houses are light and bright, 5a Wyuna Ave Freshwater has been designed to capture all the variations on the theme; reflected, direct and in the upstairs gallery area an entire wall of opaque light glows day long, thanks to metres of painted glass. It shoots through the house in brilliant shafts, and dances across the water features – in all light is more than a feature to this house, it is it’s lifeblood.

On the day I visited the in-house stereo happily filled the open spaces of the house, topped up by the occasional water feature top note. Even the waterfall in the swim-jet pool seems at one with the flow of sound, light and positive energy.

The owners  have created an astounding space, balancing the hi-tech (for example there’s wired internet to every room, and an intruder alert system connected to their mobile phones) with the simplest elements (travertine flooring, though it is heated), while keeping relaxed lounge space abundant.

The spacious kitchen includes Smeg appliances and electric overhead cupboard doors – (according to the owner an ideal accoutrement for short cooks !) and my new favourite trick, the pop up exhaust fan.

The couple wanted a house to enjoy, and included the ultimate creature comfort of a purpose-built theatre with fully reclining chairs with space for buckets of Malteasers, all of which comes with the purchase of this inviting home… and only a few steps away from a dedicated kitchenette all geared up for intermission snacks and drinks. gtruly, this house does have creature comforts at every turn.

The Crowthers christened this once bare patch of earth, The Field of Dreams.

They have built it, and the buyers, no doubt, will come.

Prue Miller is property writer with News Local, Manly Daily