The barrel vaulted ceiling makes this space even more interesting

183 Hudson Parade

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Clareville is a in slim strip of land on Pittwater that remains largely ignored – which is ideal for those living there; the inherent serenity remains undisturbed. When I visited 183 Hudson Parade last week I was taken aback by how calm that waterside remains. A lone fisherman was at the end of Taylors Wharf pier, with his grey whiskered dog by his side. Despite the low mist and grey skies the scene was delightful.

So was the house, with space to burn and a top floor living area with a delightful view on stage for the entire level. I always feel at home looking at these Pittwater style views through the spindly trunks of the tall timbers that cover the peninsula. It’s like playing peekaboo with the world.