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Okay so lockdown has led me down some very shady aisles at Bunnings – then some late night, tequila driven escapades on eBay all in the hope of upgrading my humble wardrobe. Somehow I ended up with a new broom, two new lip glosses and travel alerts on every website known to aviation.

Yep, lockdown is a sad place.

Plus my wardrobe is still pathetic. Not helped AT ALL by this outrageously divine property in Queensland. We’ll get to the other bits and bobs later, because I want to show you these two crazy wardrobes. Clothes throne rooms is more like it, but hell, let’s ogle the obvious.

This is just for the Her of the house … even a coffered ceiling – hooley dooley

So this is just for madame … I just LOVE those islands full of drawers. Probably a drawer for silk scarves, a drawer gloves, a drawer for perfumes that start with C. I mean, I dunno how you fill these things because I do not have the weighty problem of too much stuff.

Plus, you get here by walking down a sexy curved stairway from the ensuite.

The stairway is just off to the right beside la tub.

On a different level, on so many ways, is then His throne room.

Oh my ….

C’mon – this is gorgeous, is it not?

The rest of the property is drop dead too – though I for one, am not a fan of grand pianos. Something cold about those suckers.

Check out the living areas and okay, last OMG for this listing, the sunken lounge at the waters edge is just beyond.

This property is with Ray White Gold Coast Prestige, price unknown, but location is the very swish Sanctuary Cove.

Such a long, long, long way from my life in aisle 29 at Bunnings.

Prue Miller is a property journalist, but that’s just an excuse to look at other people’s homes.