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Prue Miller – June 21

There is no nice way of saying this without coming off as a complete snob, BUT nothing makes the old ticker skip a beat as much as a luxury, acreage property.

I guess I can be a little flexible on what constitutes luxury – it is as I see it though the lens of a woman in need of comfort and beauty, with the odd bell and whistle on the side.

This week two Australian beauties caught my beady eye – one has sold this weekend, one is still in the offing. If I could just scrounge around the sofa cushions and find a lazy five or ten million I’d be in the running. Though the first one, in Yass, was FAR less than that.

I can almost see Audrey Hepburn walk up the front door …

First 16 Walgrove Road, Yass – not all that far from the country’s capital, but far enough away from anywhere to be considered urban. And dare I say it? Covid war appropriate.

Twenty three acres (I hate hectare conversios …sorry), a 1905 residence draped in elegance and white trim, with five bedrooms and loft.

Have a look at it – that lounge room shot? I felt my shoulders drop at least 2 inches as the anxiety of Sydney life took a temporary back seat.

It sold this weekend for $1.8m through Ray White, with the underbidder trying their hardest via phone from Tokyo.

So chilled …. and charming.
On the river no less….

On a different plane entirely is this all whipped cream and caviar; 652 London Road, Chandler in Queensland.

A tad Georgian, and very grand. Seven beds, six baths it is called Motifex Mansion and sits up on a mowable one hectare or so … mowable because an awful lot of the grounds is actually water or topiary. Control freaks would just adore this place…

Go into the listing/s and note the wallpaper. Please. You won’t regret it.

I have no idea how long or how often it’s been on the market – or which agent has what agreement and with whom – I really don’t care and it has a complicated history.

Check out the video – enjoy.

Prue Miller is a freelance property aficionado with a chequered history in media. @PrueMiller