16 Loombah Cres

Rarely does a house shock me, and even more rarely is that shock welcome, so believe me when I say this is a one in a million property, that I would walk over hot stones to own.

16 Loombah Dover Heights - BedroomOver 6 levels (you enter on level 2) the property sits dramatically against the cliff face – it’s sandstone features often acknowledged by the architecture.

Concrete construction is not hidden as the enormous view – which reaches as far as the Opera House pours into ever room.

Proportions are superb and the every design element unique and sublime.

Qe5bMfhnlwFm8iBmOCwBBDuCi7EUUVxW_a_HcJtoXIMThe ensuite? Out of this world.

Impressive¬†doesn’t even touch this one. If you have $7 million – spend it here. It’ll break the current $6.7 current record, as it should.


Prue Miller writes a column for the Sunday Telegraph