26 Molong is the star of the Windy Dropdown estate

26 Molong is the star of the Windy Dropdown estate

BUILDER and owner Peter Trew has been in the building game a long time and is perhaps not easily impressed, but when he saw this block of land he knew it was something very special.”I couldn’t believe you could get this sized block, especially on top of a cliff, in a gated community,” he said during our walk around his simply sublime home.

He attributed the success of this three storey ocean side retreat to his great relationship with leading North Shore architect Mark Hercum.

“We understood each other,” said Peter of their easy and successful collaboration on this solid as a rock home.

Their clever, though unconventional decisions have made this house immensely liveable. The pool for instance, an elevated 15m strip of brilliant blue, is placed down the side the house, rather than in the conventional location across the front of the house.

“It’d be crazy out there – the winds can be strong,” said Peter. At the side of the house there is complete privacy, well proportioned shade and the chance to interact with the central courtyard where family and friends have fun while watching the kids swim, or splash along with the little kids in the brilliantly conceived 15m companion pool.

Nor have they wasted space with exterior decks on the cliff side of the house. The lounge room appears to jut out into the ocean, a sensuous 300 degree curved glass wall wraps around the creme carpeted expanse, with sliding doors that open wide, with people protected behind elegant balustrading.

A few steps away is the dining area and then the cool recess of the giant kitchen. Dark mushroom tones are a welcome contrast to the bright light of the glass walls, and the well outfitted culinary centre can cater for any number of lucky guests.

It is an entertainers’ home; one floor down (though it can be overlooked from the gantry) is a generous room with space for the pool table, screening area, wet bar and huge opening to the driveway bay.

Architecture than embraced the site makes this property extraordinary.

Architecture than embraced the site makes this property extraordinary.

Despite the big proportions of everything here (even the translucent front door is enormous) the dynamic layout allows for continuing interest as rooms and views reveal themselves slowly.

Sleeping quarters are plentiful, with options for guests, children, even a nursery space (or study) is located near the exceptional master suite. Here again curves are celebrated, with a very private terrace offering a view to the ocean’s horizon. It’s hard to think what luxury is missing here – when asked if he could think of anything he may have missed Peter’s gaze turned out toward the ocean.

“A helipad. And this house is so strong it could take it,” he said with well deserved pride in a grand property.

Prue Miller is a journalist with News Ltd and can be read in The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph and The Manly Daily