The glorious sensation of being inside a crystal clear wave.

The owner of this astounding home suggests that it might suit down sizers. ”They can just lock and go”, she says, though for the life of me I can’t imagine why you would ever leave.

From the outside the curve of the roofline tells a seaside inspired story, with glimpses through the ever so slightly green tinted glass to the sky beyond giving you the distinctly peaceful sensation of being inside a giant crystal clear wave.

The secure entry brings you to a giant, glass door pivot door, and into the realm of kid heaven. A billiard room with wet bar and loo, and three bedrooms,  each big enough to take a queen bed with room to spare. Each room also has glass door access to the side terrace which leads to the very generously proportioned courtyard complete with fire pit and water feature.

The limestone floor tiles continue up the very grand, circular staircase featuring heavy stainless steel balustrading that is a clear reference to cruise ships of a refined era.

On the second floor you are truly inside the wave. The vaulted ceiling, at its peak, appears to be ten metres in height  with those divine green tinted windows sending light around the vast room, changing the wall colours as it moves.

A further nod to the era of elegance is the flawless parquetry, which holds a mirror finish. The staircase entry is the centre point of the second floor, a giant room that captures water views close to 360 degrees. From here you can see out to the long, slim pool (which has underwater windows to the entry below), and to the outside barbecue area. There are sitting areas scattered everywhere, the one nearest to the pool side has a full wall of  breeze capturing louver windows. “We can capture or avoid the breezes”, said Rebecca. “We just move to the other side of the house.”

The other side is where the grand kitchen resides, a picture of sparkling pale granite which opens to its own balcony, where the sunsets beckon. This aspect offers more than the ocean view, adding a beach aspect plus lagoon and district views.

“This is the most spectacular view at night”, said the owner “And when the lagoon is full,  it just reflects everything.”

It would be a hard choice each day;  which of the three terraces to enjoy? Each one seems to offer entirely different experiences  with an underlying commonality of sheer luxury.

Which leads to the  mentioning of two more pieces of sheer indulgence: the dumb waiter which services the garage level (sending your groceries up to the kitchen for you), and hidden away on the lower level is a steam room.

Lock and go? You’d have to be barking mad.

Prue Miller writes for News Ltd